Idea questioned

I talked to Nat about my idea and he mentioned that it was probably already possible to shop on-line via your phone.  Although on-line shopping is most likely already possible from your phone, what I am proposing is that people shop online with their phone and pay with the credit from their phone.  This would then allow people with no credit card to buy items off the net without needing a credit card. 

 Of course there is always the problem with security but what i propose is that to start, you would only be able to purchase items from well known stores, ie. General Pants, HMV, etc. The way this would work is similar to the way that you would select TV channels on your phone.  Currently you are able to watch TV from your mobile phone, i’m sure you are all aware of, but you are only allowed to select channels from a specific list of channels.  This kind of interface would be similar to the interface that would be used when shopping on-line from your phone.  The only difference is that the channels would be replaced with the icons and name of the store.

TV on your phone


~ by uellim on August 16, 2007.

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