What do you think?

The concept I’m currently researching has to do with online shopping via your phone.  Imagine you’re on the train and you’ve got time to kill.  In the past your options would be to play a game on your phone, call/text someone or listen to music/watch something on your phone, but imagine being able to shop with that time.

The interface used for shopping would be completely different from what is currently seen as “online shopping”.  It would be more interactive allowing you to see a 360 view of the product you want to purchase etc.  I’ll try and illustrate my idea further as soon as I can do so adequately.

 The method of payment would be different too, instead of using your credit card or some kind of online banking system you’d be able to pay for the items you wish to purchase with the credit currently on your phone.  Each item would have a number you would call if you wanted to purchase that item.  When the call was connected your transaction would then go through and a voice on the other end would either tell you your transaction was successful, not successful or if you have insufficient credit to make the purchase.  Paying for things with your phone are already feasible, for example, music, parking etc. so it couldn’t be too hard to apply this to clothes, food, toy and other stuff right?  I might be completely mistaken here but I’ll look into this further.

 With further research, it might even become possible to pay for mundane things, like train tickets, with your phone saving you the hassle of bringing change around with you.  I will continue to explore this possibility but for now your comments and criticism is welcome.


~ by uellim on August 13, 2007.

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